Wedding pictures


Last Saturday was the big day! Eric and I renewed our vows at the Eastern Primitive Rendezvous. We were able to invite friends and family who weren’t there to camp since we scheduled it on a public day, but we also had friends who were camped there, some of whom have known me since I was a little bitty thing. Here’s Eric and me with my mom and dad. Yes, Dad is holding a flintlock pistol. He wasn’t going to let Eric get away!








The start of the ceremony.









I’ve never been handfasted before. Pastor Mike tied our hands together with a strip of tartan. I’m pretty sure, since we’ve been married 25 years, the year and a day part doesn’t apply!








And the kiss. This is actually the second one. We kissed too fast the first time and the photographers missed it, so we had to do it again! Darn!!!


One comment on “Wedding pictures

  1. Jean says:

    If Eric hasn’t gotten away by now….well, I’m sure he doesn’t want to. Looks like a lovely ceremony, and I’m glad you could have special people there.

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