About Wendy

Hello and welcome! I’m a fantasy author and Celtic storyteller. My husband and I  live in the wilds of the Chicago suburbs with three very spoiled cats. My husband is retired USAF, and we have two grown, partially homeschooled military brats. When I’m not mired in stories of one form or another, I enjoy reading, camping, gardening, and binge-watching Netflix for research.

Are you curious about why one would want to have coffee with dragons? There are a few reasons. First, I love coffee. It’s my life blood. My heart doesn’t start in the morning until I’ve had my first cup. Second, I’m currently writing a world with not one but two kinds of dragons, as well as fairies, stone trolls, and glomachs (cute shaggy little weasels that can’t be detected by magic). Third, dragons symbolize challenges. We all have our share, and there’s no avoiding them. You could try to slay them, but why would you? Much better to sit with them over a cup of coffee and learn what they have to teach you. Much more civilized.

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