High Gear

I’ve decided to try to get Dawn Before The Dark ready to pitch at Realm Makers in July. That means I have about seven weeks to transform the hot mess of a first draft into an actual novel. Of course, now that it’s after Labor Day, all hell is breaking loose with my schedule, so this is a bigger stretch than it seems. I suspect copious amounts of coffee will be necessary. The draft comes in just under 70,000 words, which used to be on the short end of fantasy novel length but might be all right now. The rewrite will probably be longer.

My plan is to do the long synopsis first. I already have a short synopsis, so it’s a matter of expanding it so I can (hopefully) find plot issues and fix them before I start the rewrite. I’ve got a pretty good start on that and hope to finish it this weekend. I also have to rename a couple of characters, which means poring over list of Celtic baby names to find ones that mean what I need them to mean but haven’t yet made the Top 20 Baby Names in America lists. It’s more of a problem than one might think. After that, well, I’ll just have to see what happens. I suspect the laptop will get more use in the near future.