The Not Glamorous Part

Lest you think the latest developments have been all fun and games, let me assure you it’s not. Actually, my years with the USAF prepared me for this. It’s a fair amount of hurry up and wait. We’ve had two more rounds of editing and are currently waiting for the cover artist to work his magic. 

So it’s mostly more of the same–editing, writing, trying (in vain) to catch up on housework, gardening, and keeping this wee beastie fed. It’s not as easy as you might think.

Me? Important?

The other day, Eric and I were cleaning house in preparation for my parents’ arrival for graduation. Jeli kept running around, generally getting in the way and making a lot of racket. When we decided to quit, we were upstairs, and Jeli was at the top of the stairs, walking slowly away.

“Are you tired?” I asked her.

“She’s waiting for you to stop,” said Eric.

“Oh, is that it? She’s waiting for me work on the computer so she can sleep in my spinning chair?”

He scooped her up, followed me into my office, and dropped her on my spinning chair, and this is what she did.

If she were mine, I’d say, “Rotten cat.” Since she’s my grandcat, I can only smile at her cuteness.

Oreo puck

I hit a prickly spot in the ‘Sword & Scabbard’ edit late this afternoon. The chapters weren’t flowing right, so I changed the order, but it still wasn’t right. (Thank goodness for Write It Now; moving chapters in Word is a pain in the butt.) When I went downstairs to start dinner, I thought of the solution. Sometimes it really helps to step away for a while.

After dinner I headed back to the salt mine with a mug of ice coffee and a couple of Oreo cookies. I put them on the table beside me and got back to work. Chloe heard me come back upstairs and naturally thought I’d come to pay attention to her. Poor thing–she got a little scritchy and nothing more, so of course she decided to investigate everything nearby. I was on a really good roll when I felt her bunch up against my side. Before I could turn to see what she was doing, she gave one of my cookies a good whack and sent it half-way across the room. She was heading after it when I fussed at her. I found her something else to play with, but for now she’s opted to sit across the room and watch me. Goofy cat.

I do have to say that although this edit is threatening to consume my entire life, it feels good to be writing again. Alex goes to school in 11 days and has made me promise to turn his room into an office. The goal is to have this done by then so I’m not taking old baggage into my new space.

The Furminator

I don’t usually do product endorsements, but I have to brag on the Furminator. A couple different friends told me how great it was, and since we started the Great Spring Shed recently I decided to try it out.

Essentially, it’s a scaled-down curry comb. The instructions say to use it in an area that’s easy to clean since it will extract an abundance of fur. Oh, boy howdy, they were not kidding! I sat down on the kitchen floor with Ryan and had a huge hand-full of fur in no time flat. A couple more passes and he won’t have anything left to make a fur ball! Tessie seemed to like it, too, but so far Chloe had just bitten it. That’s fine; she’ll settle down later and I’ll get her, too. I just have to get her when she’s in the mood to be brushed.

It does come in a variety of sizes. In fact, a friend told me that other day that they make them for horses. I got the small one and it’s just right. I highly recommend it for anyone who has pets that shed. Really, you can brush that undercoat out, or vacuum it out of the carpet later.

Crack Mouse

I bought a package of catnip mice for the cats the other day. Of course they’ve been a little more twitchy than usual. What I didn’t expect was to walk into the kitchen the other day to hear Vicky in the living room telling Ryan to get the crack mouse. I had to ask if I’d heard right! I never really thought of catnip as kitty crack, but I guess it works. If I can get decent pictures, I’ll post them.

In other news, I took another 30 lbs. of stuff to Goodwill.

Over-sensitivie furr-ometer?

The rain from what’s left of Heir Gustav is supposed to be here tonight or tomorrow. I keep checking the radar, but so far the rain is moving away from us. Seriously, it’s curling off to the west like it can’t get away from us fast enough. I know it’s coming eventually, though, because Ryan is full of the devil this morning. So far he hasn’t gone after Tess, Chloe, or me, but he has attacked an unsuspecting keyboard cord and a plastic soda cap. I fell asleep last night with his paws planted firmly in my belly and he was still there when I woke up. He’s been grumbling a lot, and he doesn’t particularly want to cuddle.

I have no idea what his life was like before our friends took him in and passed him on to us. I’m fairly certain he was born to a stray or abandoned young since he wasn’t fully grown when we got him. He must have been outside because he’s still afraid of storms and has made no attempt to sneak out the door, unlike the girls. Probably someone was feeding him; he wasn’t malnourished or afraid of people. The first time we met he crawled into my lap. I’ve been his person ever since, but he’s not picky about where he gets scritchies or who’s lap he naps in.

I expect pretty soon I’ll find him sleeping on the stairs. That’s where he naps when the weather is changing; it’s close enough to downstairs to hear food cans open and half-way to his hiding spot under the bed if he hears wind or thunder. He may be there when I get home from work, or he may be hiding somewhere. It’s going to be a long week for him.


I woke up early this morning, so I brought my book downstairs and poured a cup of coffee. When I fed the furries, I got two out of three. I figured Tess was sleeping with Alex; if she’s downstairs and hears a can pop open, she’s usually front and center. (No, it doesn’t matter what’s in the can; I opened a can of pineapple one day and she gave me a dirty look when I let her smell it.)

I settled in with my book and a while later I heard, “Meow?” Then I heard it again, and I thought, “Surely Tess didn’t get out in the garage last night.” Three times is the charm; I put the book down, chased Chloe out of the laundry room, and checked the garage. No Tess, but she heard my voice and yelled louder.

Tess loves to sleep in laundry. If there’s a basket up high where Chloe and Ryan can’t see her, she’ll sleep in it indefinitely. I guess she thought the dryer was just a big basket. The door was open last night, closed this morning, so it must have been too dark or too late to see her in there when it got closed.

Goofy cat.

Resistance is futile

Ryan has been with us over two years now. Tess still doesn’t like him much. She yells at him a lot, and she’s usually justified, but sometimes she’s just in a snit. Imagine my surprise when I went upstairs this afternoon to see this:

Maybe in another two years they’ll actually be buddies.