About 3:00 this afternoon I came to a startling realization: Today is Thursday.

I haven’t been sleeping particularly well lately, and there have been lots of fun things disrupting my normal schedule. I’m not at my sharpest right now, so the thought of having to blog on the fly sent me into a flurry of productive procrastination. I put away three loads of laundry and changed the sheets on my bed. I organized my husband’s t-shirts by size, putting aside his options for this weekend’s Highland Games. Then I went to inventory the fridge for dinner options. We’re having steaks with tortellini and pickled veggies, if anyone is interested. I still haven’t gotten book words in, so I might have to whip up a red wine reduction to go on the steaks. After all, according to fine dining rules, it’s not a meal without a sauce. Just ask Gordon Ramsey.

If you happen to be in Chicagoland this weekend, we will be at the Aye-tasca Highland Games on Saturday. Gates open at 8:00 a.m. (Heaven help me). You can get advanced tickets here. If you come by, make sure to come by the Clan Campbell tent. If you’re there about noon, you can walk in the tartan parade with me!


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