February wrap-up

Were you waiting for this? I was traveling on the first, so while I could have compiled it on the plane, I decided to nap instead.

So. Raw numbers.

February word count: 16,802

YTD word count: 28,338

February hours worked: 35

YTD hours worked: 54

I worked every day in February except the first Monday. I didn’t get up in time to write before the day job, but I learned from that mistake. Also, note I’m counting the last week as work days but didn’t count the hours I was in classes or traveling. I just made a note in the spreadsheet that I was at the retreat. We were in classes 7-10 hours a day. I had enough going on without keeping track of actual work time.

I did have one minor set-back. The last day of the retreat I wrote a scene, which one of the instructors critiqued and made notes on. I forgot to save it. Yesterday I was going to fix it and move on, and the spot for it was in my Scrivener doc with no words. None. Luckily, it was only two days ago, and I’ve started rewriting. It’s not the same scene, but the important parts are there, and I’m writing with the teacher’s comments in mind.

It’s gonna be oooooo-kay.


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