Ask and ye shall receive

Two years ago I posted this on Facebook:

“I’m getting ready to go on a short story bender. Leave a premise or a first line in the comments, and if I choose yours, I’ll name the main character after you (or the person of your choice). I will be submitting them to various places for publication, so your name could be in print.”

One of the comments I got was from my friend, Jenn:

“The explosion of fire across the night sky meant that the dragons had returned.”

I had mixed feelings about it. I’d written dragons before and thought I was done with fantasy for good, but it was so dang intriguing. I decided to go with it. After all, it was just one short story, right?

From that quote came Dragon Rescue, which was published in Blackbirds Second Flight. I had a couple other stories in that volume, but the one I got the most feedback on was Dragon Rescue. To my shock, people wanted more, so I wrote Mage Hunt for Blackbirds Third Flight.

Since then, I’ve written a third and am planning a fourth. The world is expanding and becoming more detailed. I didn’t want to write fantasy again, but here we are!

That’s how writing works sometimes. You hear an off-hand comment, or see something that catches the attention of the muse, and before you know it, it’s spun into gold. Or sometimes brass.

I’ll be writing more about the development of the world in the coming weeks. For those of you who know writing, I’m a pantser who desperately (now more than ever) wants to be a plotter. Because of that, I’ve already found things I need to go back and change in the first story. I’ll also likely be writing about the process of how I plan to get the story to you. Authors have more choices than ever at this point. If you have a favorite format, I’d love to hear from you.


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