Back From The Abyss

Hello again! If you’re confused about why this has landed in your inbox, this is the blog formerly known as Shining The Light. I’m updating and cleaning out the cobwebs.

Last month, I turned 50, and it dawned on me that if I don’t get serious about writing in general and marketing specifically I was never going to get anywhere. Hence the rebrand.

I’ve been working on a few different projects lately. The first started out as a fantasy short story called Dragon Rescue, which was published in Blackbirds Second Flight. It was followed by Mage Hunt in Blackbirds Third Flight, and has morphed into a full-blown series. The world is called Balphrahn and features dragons and dragon riders, magic, and intrigue.

The other two are still in development. One is a satirical collection of stories based on my experience in customer service fields, tentatively titled How To Get Crappy Service. The other isn’t even titled yet and may end up being a series of articles about parenting and dealing with the empty nest.

I’ve also started a newsletter and plan to share insider information there that won’t be here so I hope you’ll sign up for that.

That’s the excitement here! Well, not all of it, but you don’t want to know everything in the first post, do you?


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