Happy Memorial Day

I’m off to work in a little while. It’s been years since I’ve had to work on a holiday, and Eric loves that he gets to stay home and goof off while I head to the fro-yo mines.

While a memorial service isn’t on my schedule today, I will be mindful of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I know it’s supposed to be about the people who died in wars, or from injuries sustained there, but I can’t help but include first responders in there. They wage battles of a different kind every day–against crime, bureaucracy, hatred, anger, entitlement and complacence. Like our soldiers, they do it on low pay and, sometimes, no sleep, and sometimes they spill their blood in the course of their duties.

To those of you left behind, and to those of you who’s loved one came home changed beyond recognition, you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are our living testament to the sacrifice.


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