My Muse

I went looking for the post where I talked about my muse. I thought I wrote it years ago, but it’s not here. Must have been a butterfly moment.* I cranked up the Wayback Machine** and found the post where I realized my muse is Walter Mitty. Feel free to peruse it if you wish.

If you don’t know who Walter Mitty is, and a shocking number of people don’t, he’s the main character from a short story, “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty,” by James Thurber. They did make movie by the same name two years ago starring Ben Stiller. I haven’t seen it, but from the synopsis I read online, it bears little resemblance to the story. Therefore, my Walter does not look like Ben Stiller. He’s a white-haired gentlemen who smokes a pipe and has a fondness for scotch. If I neglect him, he runs off to Tahiti (yes, the magical place), where he lies on the beach under an umbrella sipping adult beverages and admiring the thong bikinis  scenery. It’s really hard to drag him back to work.

By now, some of you no doubt think I’m delusional. All you artsy types out there, though, know what I’m talking about, whether you admit it or not. How about you? Have you gotten to know your muse?


*I have ADOB. Attention Deficit Ooooohhh Butterfly!

**This one, ya little whippersnapper, not the digital archive.


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