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Last spring, when we started to explore the city in earnest, we saw things we’d never seen before. We were sheltered, I guess, but it seemed like common sense not to walk in the city at night in dark clothing while listening to music with headphones, and crossing the street without looking. If she’d been paying attention, she might have noticed the bus that almost rear-ended the car that had to wait for her to get off Holy Ground ( the cross walk). The sad thing is, things like that are commonplace here.

One day I opined to Eric that I’d never known survival instinct could be legislated out of people. If it wasn’t illegal to hit people in a cross walk, maybe they’d pay attention to where they were going. I think that was the first time I said, “Darwin would be appalled.”

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop, and as veterans sometimes do, I made an acronym: DWBA, or as we say, Dee-wubba.

I know I’m not seeing anything that doesn’t happen in other places. I guess you don’t really even have to be in a big city to see it. In our small town downstate, though, you don’t see things like people walking at night in black clothing much, and when you do, it’s usually a teen. I’m probably only seeing more of it because of the higher population density. Nevertheless, I’ll be sharing my observations with you. Let me know if it’s a Chicago thing, or if you see these things where you are.


2 comments on “New feature

  1. GuessWho says:

    did the person waiting for said pedestrian lay on the horn?

    • Wendy says:

      I honestly don’t remember. I was on the bus. Probably not, though. Pedestrians have right of way here, whether they cause an accident or not.

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