What I did on my kid’s spring break

We’re getting our St. Louis house ready to go on the market. It’s been a lot of work, and Alex volunteered to spend his (and his girlfriend’s!) spring break moving stuff to storage. We focused mainly on the garage but he also helped me move some furniture.

For some reason, this didn’t post when it was supposed to, and I was too busy to mess with it last week. We pushed hard and did almost everything we needed to do. It’s enough to start showing, and the listing goes live this week. Let the games begin! Here’s what we got done:

IMG_3517 We moved this








into this:












We cleared most of this,










and moved this,

IMG_3521_2partly so it would be visible from the foyer, but mostly so I could paint the wall it had been partially blocking.










Oh, and we donated all this:












Lest you think it was all work and no play, we met my friend Jenn (who was also on spring break) for dinner.







To recap the last month, as far as I can remember, we took 9 loads of stuff to storage, 3 full loads to Goodwill, made two scrap yard runs, 1 trip to the local compost site with branches and bush clippings, had two pickup truck loads of junk burned, and donated two refrigerators from the garage. We also added trash to our neighbor’s garbage bin twice. I was absolutely sure, right up to the last day, that there was no way we’d pull it off, but somehow we did. Special thanks to Mom and Step-Dad, Alex, Emma, and Vicky for all your hard work.



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