Unplanned hiatus, done.

I don’t know what it is about Chicago winters. Last year I thought it was because of the polar vortex and my culture shock, but we didn’t have either of those this year. I haven’t been in here for a while because I didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to say. With the exception of my annual Florida pilgrimage, I didn’t do much of anything. It’s more complicated getting around in the city in the winter. There’s all the layering and suiting up, even if it’s just to take out the trash. Sometimes people don’t shovel the snow off their sidewalks, making walking an adventure. Suffice to say, I’m happy spring is around the corner.

I will be in and out the rest of this month. I’ll be spending a lot more time downstate getting the house ready to sell. It goes on the market April 1, so after that it’s really a matter of waiting, and then moving the rest of the furniture out once we get a contract. I hope, with military move season about to start in earnest, that we’ll sell quickly.

I’ve had some requests on Facebook for my award winning chili recipe. I’ll put that here later in the week, when I’m desperate for a break, after which I will likely clean painted fingerprints off my keyboard. Thanks for checking in!

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