Tartan Day: Done!

I wrote a couple weeks ago about preparing for my first paid storytelling gig. I’m happy to say it all went very well. I had good crowds at almost all my sets, and I unknowingly auditioned for another Games next month.

It was lovely to be back in St. Charles, MO. Not that I saw much of it this time around! There wasn’t even time to go up to Main Street to our favorite shops. The event was well-run, as always, even with a last minute change of venue. The park where it’s usually held hasn’t dried out from all the snow they got, plus it rained for a couple days before the event, so they moved us to a big parking lot adjacent to the park. It compressed our space quite a bit, and I was concerned since my story tent was in the furthest corner, but Clan Row funneled the people down to me. It was also terribly convenient to have the story tent about ten feet from our clan tent. Hard to complain about that commute!

We’re back home now, and it’s pretty surreal. Spending the weekend in a place I know with friends all around me was lovely. It was a step back into my old life, and last night on our way home, I realized I spent so much time in the last month preparing for Tartan Day that I didn’t even know what today’s weather was supposed to be! It’s chilly and cloudy, if anyone is wondering, and I’ll have to get out sometime today to buy some milk.

Vicky was kind enough to video all my sets on Saturday, and I have still photos of Sunday. The photos I’ll do in a separate post, and once I go through the video, I’ll post a couple on YouTube. That might be a day or two. I’ve been so focused on preparation that I haven’t written in about a week. It’s time to get back to work!


One comment on “Tartan Day: Done!

  1. Jean says:

    Sounds like a definite success. And perhaps you’ll be developing a few fans who will be looking for you soon. 🙂

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