New Home Update

IMG_2363It’s been a while since I posted an update on the new digs. Here’s a what the living/dining room looks like now. It’s a hard room to photograph because of the big window. I had to shut the shades and turn on the lights to get this!


We’ve got pictures up, though, so the fireplace doesn’t look naked.


We’ve got some houseplants, too, that I haven’t killed yet, and the top of the stray cupboard proved handy for displaying teapots. Wondering about the stock pot on the counter? It’s because of this:


While it’s not actively leaking this morning, it was yesterday. There’s an ice floe on the roof preventing water from shedding. If it can’t shed, it soaks. This has been a big problem in the region this winter. The management company is supposed to send someone out today, but I’m not sure it will do much good. It’s snowing. Again. They might be about to clear the floe enough to create a channel for water. If I had to 20′ extension cord, I totally would have been up there with my hair dryer yesterday!

The stock pot might just have to stay handy for another month or so. I’m glad I brought it, though!

I’m thinking about adding a serial post called “Welcome To Chicago: The Country Mouse’s Guide To Moving To The City.” If it’s well-received, I might consider making it an e-book down the road. What do you think? Do you want to know what I’ve learned by moving here? Would you recommend it to your Country Mouse Friends?


One comment on “New Home Update

  1. Jean says:

    A serial post would be great.

    I love how all the living room chairs seem to be focused on the cat tree. Because there’s nothing more entertaining in Chicago than the cats. 😉

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