Authorprenuership 3-d cover

Are you a seasoned author looking to up your game? How about a new writer with stars in your eyes and a day job resignation in your hand? “Authorprenuership” by Sharon Jenkins is for you.

Let me admit up-front that I’ve only read it once. It will take a couple more readings to fully glean the good stuff. Some of it is logical: Marketing, social media, team building, branding, perfecting your craft–things you’ll hear about at any writer’s conference, but more in-depth and with a unique twist.

There were some surprises. I’d never heard of the Four Temperaments personality test mentioned in this book, but a quick Google search brought me up to speed. She uses those personality types to tell you the best branch of publishing for your temperament. She also included a questionnaire on time management that was quite enlightening. That’s never been my strong area, but at least according to her test, I’m better than I thought I was. She also went into greater detail on team building than I’d ever considered, and there are a lot of resources I still need to explore.

This book is essentially a whole writers’ conference you can hold in your hand. It covers the not only the high points but also some of the lower ones. It’s basic enough for beginners and meaty enough to provide a new perspective for those who have been around the block a few times. Although it’s geared specifically toward writers, much of what’s covered will apply to other artists as well. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of an entrepreneurial field that wouldn’t benefit from it in some way.

This is one for the keeper shelf, tattered and highlighted, with notes in the margins.


2 comments on “Authorpreneurship

  1. Gail Helgeson says:

    Hi Wendy.
    Yep..great book! I am on Chapter 6. So much to learn. I am rewarding myself with a chapter as I get things checked off my to do list. Time management right?!!! Good reading. Great post. Blessings today.
    Wrote some comments on blogs…now on to my reward!

  2. fruus says:

    Good read! you should post this on

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