A friend of mine posted this article yesterday on Facebook. It details the hard things you have to do to be successful. On the surface, it’s good stuff. Logical stuff. I’ve been telling myself some of them for the last year or two, living some of them longer. It’s a great read for perspective and motivation.

Here’s my question. What is success? When my kids were toddlers, success meant getting to work on time. When we were homeschooling, the level of success was based on their IOWA Test scores. These days it’s based on how many boxes I empty, and how much of the contents finds an actual home versus sitting on the dining room table.

I can do every single thing on that list and more, and it won’t guarantee I’ll get a book published. If I do, it won’t guarantee that I’ll get more than one, or that I’ll be able to support my husband in our retirement. That’s been the dream for a lot of years, but if it doesn’t happen, am I a failure? Will I have wasted my life if I die with amazing manuscripts on my hard drive? It’s something to ponder.

So now I’m throwing it out to my artist friends. Will you have been successful if you never publish a book, sell a painting, or create the exact piece of pottery that’s been in your head since you picked up your first lump of clay?


One comment on “Success

  1. Joy Boots says:

    All of the success above are of this world. Success comes from what is in your heart and your love for the Lord. I would say you are very successful!!! Love, Mom

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