Another Milestone

We’ve just wrapped up another “last” in St. Louis. Alex graduated from Western Illinois University on Saturday with his Bachelor of Science in Physics. While the ceremony was exactly what I expected, the rest of the weekend was not. With everything that’s been going on, I made getting ready to go more complicated than it should have been, and eight inches of snow overnight didn’t help matters much!

Dad and Linda were there, and they followed me home Saturday afternoon to visit for a few days. The next time I see them will very likely be in Chicago.

At this point I feel like everything I do is being checked off a big To Do list in my head. Graduation–check. Christmas with Dad–check. In just over a week I’ll mark Christmas Eve off my list. In between, there’s packing, menu planning, grocery shopping, the last of the Christmas shopping, bank accounts to transfer, and probably dozens of things I haven’t thought about yet.

It occurred to me the other day how very much this move is like the one we made to Italy. For that move, all of our worldly belongings had to be sorted into Keep and Donate, and then divided into five groups: Advance baggage (which went about six weeks ahead of us), military storage, personal storage (in Mom’s barn), regular household goods, and what we were carrying with us. Some things were easy, some not so much, and some should have gone into other categories. My crock pot, for instance, should have gone into storage. Instead it sat on top of my fridge in Italy the whole time. This time the categories are are more like priorities, but the principle is the same. But really, move or no move, isn’t that how life is?


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