Under Pressure

I’ve been back and forth between homes this month, moving stuff upstate, packing more stuff downstate. I’m making progress. The apartment is starting to look more homey since I moved a bunch of books up.

Today, I’m struggling to get words in. I’m behind my word count goal as it is, and I probably won’t get many tomorrow since I’m driving downstate. It doesn’t help that it’s been gray and rainy all day, but then I looked out the window.

At first I didn’t believe it. The window is rain-streaked and the view is a little obstructed, so I took the opportunity to refill my coffee cup so I could look out the door that leads to the balcony (aka the satellite office), and sure enough, there’s snow mixed in with the rain!


It won’t stick, probably won’t even change over to all snow, but it’s always fun to see the first snow of the year before my birthday. (Which, by the way, is still a few days away. 😉 Still time to get cards in the mail.)

That’s about what’s going on here: a trickle of words in the midst of packing and unpacking boxes. We’ve had a couple Ikea runs and furniture construction thrown in to shake things up a little, but today, it’s not so bleak. It’s snowing, and it’s Veteran’s Day.

Thanks to all my comrades in arms, not just the ones who took the oath, but also the ones who stood by their loved ones who took the oath.



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