By Request

photo(1) I’m going to tell stories this afternoon, and I had someone ask me to post a picture of my costume. (It’s clickable if you want a bigger view.) This is more or less what I wear for all my story sessions, although the hat is new. There’s a closer picture of it on Facebook. You can’t really see the feather in this photo. The rest of the costume is a frilled white shirt (which, believe it or not, I found at Cracker Barrel), the gray bodice, blue petticoat (I also have green and yellow), and the tartan arisaid. You can’t really see the tartan, but it’s Black Watch. The arisaid is the female equivalent of a great kilt, meaning it’s a big piece of fabric. You lay it out on the bed or the floor, pleat the back, lie down on top of it, wrap it around yourself, and belt it on. The airsaid gets pinned on the right shoulder, if the wearer chooses to pin it. It can also be worn entirely over the petticoat or drawn over the head into a hood. (If you’re curious, the great kilt gets pinned over the man’s left shoulder, leaving his (right) sword arm free and unemcumbered.) The bit sticking up over my shoulder is my leaning stick. It’s just a staff to lean on when I’m telling stories if my back gets stiff, but more importantly I’ve never had an audience that didn’t love it and ask questions about it. When it comes down to it, education is a big part of this gig.

So, there you have it. Now I’m off to tell some stories.


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