New Normal: Go!

IMG_2026We finally got the keys to our apartment today. That’s so strange to see. Our apartment. We’ve never lived in an apartment before.

Here’s the before-the-chaos pictures.

Living room, kinda dark, but it was mid-morning. These face north, so the cats probably won’t be basking in here much.







This is the bar between the living room and kitchen. If you turn to your left, you’ll see










the wine fridge and gas start fireplace. I thought the fireplace was gas log, but we’ll have to put wood in to have a fire. We’ve never had either of these, so I guess it’s appropriate to have them here!








Stepping between the desk and fireplace, you pass the kitchen. Again, it faces north, so it’s a little dark.










Almost dead ahead is the Ginormous Fricking Closet (GFC). This is part of the master suite but will likely be an all-purpose storage area since the master bedroom also has another large closet.








And here’s the master bath. The jacuzzi tub is to the left, behind the door, and further to the left is the shower.

I’m not showing the bedrooms yet because, frankly, they all kinda look alike and they’re not very interesting. I can put up pictures later when we get furniture and you have something to look at. πŸ™‚


2 comments on “New Normal: Go!

  1. Joy Boots says:

    Love the pictures – thanks a bunch for sharing!! Am looking forward to seeing it in person. Will you be able to have your critters there???

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