I woke up early this morning and realized I hadn’t posted here yesterday. I could look over my stats and see how long it’s been since I didn’t post on Monday, but that would be depressing.

I did miss my day for a good reason. Eric and I were house hunting yesterday. Our realtor sent us several listings ahead of time, and of course, I liked the Victorian and Edwardian era properties while Eric liked the modern properties. In the end, we chose a modern place we hadn’t seen a listing for at all. It’s a 3-bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with a roof deck that has an amazing view of the downtown Chicago skyline. I can’t wait to see it at night! Eric’s commute should be about 20 minutes; I think the apartment is about 12 miles from his office.

Now we’re waiting for the rental agency to go through the ream of paperwork we had to fill out. Who knew renting an apartment was so much like buying a car? This is a first for us. Several firsts, really. We’ve never lived in an apartment (although we’ve shared several duplexes), rented a property bigger than a beach house, or moved to a different city without kids since we’ve been married. This move is going to take some time, too, since we’re still planning to have Thanksgiving at our house.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. Hopefully we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled mayhem next week, but I’m making no promises on anything for the rest of the year.

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