This has been a crazy year for us, and the last couple of weeks have imploded. We’ve had employment issues, the possibility of relocation, my uncle’s death, and this morning I found out my cousin’s husband, who I just saw at the funeral last week, is in the hospital with heart issues. There have been other minor disappointments that have felt bigger because of the stress of the circumstances, and yet, when I compare my circumstances to other people’s, I can see how blessed I am. That makes me feel guilty, like I’m not grateful for what I have despite my troubles.

Early this year, I heard “Worn” by 10th Avenue North on the radio for the first time. At the time we were planning Eric’s graduation celebration. All of our parents wanted to come. All of them. I don’t have room for that many people in my house, and I was trying to work out the logistics in my head. When the song came on the radio I almost cried because the lyrics said exactly what I was feeling. Everything turned out better than I imagined, and I’m sure they will this time, too. In the meantime, this is my theme song.



One comment on “Worn

  1. Ellen Herndon says:

    The song was me before I quit IRS; when my health tanked (especially since 2010); and when I realized that the car accidents and windshields had taken my ability to remember even simple stories to be a storyteller. I now just take things one step at a time when working on my dreams and goals, and put the rest in the hands of my ‘invisible companion’. Thank you for posting this song. I needed it.

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