Light at the top of the pit

A couple weeks ago I told you about some random tidbits of encouragement. Here’s the update: They’re working. I’ve had two good writing weeks, even though I’m still in the middle of the book. I credit it largely to working out first thing in the morning, and staying off the internet before I start work. Two weeks ago I didn’t even know about the exercise connection. That came last week when I skipped my walk and spent a large chunk of my writing time staring at the blank page.

At this point I think I need another 30k words to finish. That puts me a bit past half-way, and there’s a lot still left to write. It might stretch a little more, but if I’m not on the downhill side of the middle, I soon will be. My goal is to finish the draft this month. My September schedule is a little crazy, so we’ll see how that works out!

I hope all of you have a great Labor Day! If you’re working like I am, try to get it done fast so you can have some play time! Before you go, though, if you haven’t Liked my Storyteller Facebook page, I’d appreciate it if you check it out. It’s where you’ll find updates related to writing and storytelling.


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