Garden Make-over

We’ve been so busy lately that my garden has been neglected. I went out this morning to check on things and pull some weeds and discovered that my tomato plants are gone. All of them. Something–probably the vole that lives in our yard–ate them all, even the self-seeding cherry tomatoes. That leaves weeds and feverfew in my raised bed. The wood we built the bed with is disintegrating, so we had planned to replace it with cinder blocks this year. Since my critter discouraging techniques have failed, I’ll go back to pots. That will work out better anyway. I can put them next to the house and stick a trellis in each one, and if we get high wind during a storm (usually 2-3 times a summer), I can turn them so they won’t blow over. So now I have this golden opportunity to re-do part of my back yard. I have some large pots to get started with. For right now, they’ll be dirt holders. I’ll plant some late crops once I get the pots squared away and the raised bed dismantled.

I’m just pretty annoyed that I won’t have tomatoes to can this year. Any thoughts on late crops? I’m thinking brussels sprouts, spinach, maybe some lettuce, but I’d like to try something new. Anyone growing fun stuff?


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