The battle started without me

Here in our neck of the woods, I’m trying to decide if spring is late like it is everywhere else, or if we’ve skipped spring altogether and gone from winter to summer. Whatever the case, I have weeds in my flower beds that I’ve never seen before. They’re like weed versions of cicadas–they hide until the proper conditions, and then they pop up out of nowhere. One day you have holly bushes and mums, the next day there’s a 6′ weed that looks like Queen Anne’s Lace. I’ve already pulled it out once, and it came back stronger than before. I’m almost afraid to pull it again. We thought the honeysuckle by the driveway was out of The Little Shop Of Horrors, but this beats it!

The other flower beds aren’t much better, and my strawberry patch needs to be mowed. The good news is the bushes we planted in the back of our yard have grown a foot this year. The bad news is, they need pruning.  And they’re taller than me. That’ll be fun.

To say I have work to do outside is an understatement. The trick will be getting out to do it between bouts of rain. We’ve had 7.6″ in the last ten days, and there’s more in the forecast. We’ve been stuck in this weather pattern for nearly two months. It rains buckets and the creeks flood, then we have 3-4 days of sunshine, the creeks settle down, and it rains again.

I’m not sure whether the trick to all this is figuring out when I can get things done or the order in which to do them. I tend to overthink things. Anyone out there have gardening advice? Easy ways to get rid of weeds? Is it the outdoor version of flossing first vs. brushing first, or is it jump in and do something?

Frankly, I think my father-in-law’s philosophy on gardening has merit–rocks and native plants. Of course, he lives in Arizona, where HOAs don’t prohibit xeriscaping. My neighbors won’t appreciate it. And we did just buy a new lawn mower…


One comment on “The battle started without me

  1. Elle Herndon says:

    I have always thought it to be flossing before brushing in terms of weeding. Mine are trees growing up from exposed roots in the garden or from seeds that suddenly decide to sprout when I thought I got all of them before a rain. I cringe to see my gardens NOW…I get the urge to do it all at once when I really need to concentrate on one area at a time…done daily.

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