The Kitchen Is Done!

Well, mostly. Everything is installed. Not everything is put away, but I’m close! Very close!







This is the last piece we were waiting for, and it’s all because of this:






When we got the first set of shelves, the box was damaged, and the top shelf had a chunk missing. We had to take it back and re-order, and they couldn’t install the cabinet until it came in. Then, of course, we had to do the whole counter top process again.










Here’s the whole side,








and the whole front.

If you missed the rest of the saga, you can find the other posts here and here. We started the actual renovation part January 10. I didn’t really think it would take 2 1/2 months to get it done, and now that it is, it hardly seems real. Now to make the best use of the space. There’s the real challenge!


One comment on “The Kitchen Is Done!

  1. Joy Boots says:

    Looks really nice – worth waiting for!! Love, Mom

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