Useless Bits of Information

I run across some rather interesting tidbits in my research. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve learned today:

  • Cedar shingles last 20-25 years on average but have lasted as long as 60 years.
  • Jamming or sticking doors and windows can be either a crawl space structural issue or foundation settlement. Ditto drywall cracks.
  • A sagging roof can indicate sub-par building materials, a lack of ventilation, or heavy loads of rain or snow accumulating on the roof.
  • Spiral notebooks were invented in 1934. Since my story is set in 1905, there will be none of these. However, notepads were invented in 1902 by J.A Birchall In Launceston, Australia, and index cards were developed by Carl Linnaeus in the mid-1760’s, so I can use both of them. I could also use legal pads, which were introduced about 1900, but I have no idea how much they cost then. My hero is a poor seminary student. Notepads are a better option since they were developed with price in mind and were supposedly more economical.

Makes you wonder how all the pieces fit together, doesn’t it? 🙂


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