“When our dreams grow as big as the heart and power of God, we begin experiencing answer to prayers that can be defined as nothing less than miraculous.”   –Mark Batterson

I’m doing a short bible study at our church called The Circle Maker. The concept of circling things in prayer is based on the fall of Jericho in Joshua 6. It’s about finding the work God wants you to do and doing it, even if it means looking foolish. Let’s face it, Noah probably felt pretty foolish building an ark in the desert, right? It paid off for him in the end.

Pre-published writers have a pretty big Jericho. It’s bigger than getting the contract. It’s about craft, slogging through sloppy drafts and droopy middles, sitting in the chair when we’d rather be anywhere else. It’s about being adequately prepared, and learning the point where preparation becomes procrastination. It’s about making the draft the best you can make it, and then learning how to make it better still. And then there’s finding craft partners who understand you and your convoluted thinking, and who will be honest when something stinks. There’s a level of trust that has to be attained before the relationship can really start to work, and sometimes you don’t get the right person at first. It’s frustrating to go through that process again. The process is what makes us able to handle the contract when it comes. It makes us strong enough and gives us the skills to get and stay published.

This applies to any dream, not just writing. Drawing the circle big enough means you can’t get caught up in minutiae. You have to think past where you think you want to be to where you can’t possibly get on your own. We long for miracles, for some hope to cling to, but fear keeps us from setting up our own miracles. If we can accomplish it on our own, it’s not a miracle and too often, we get frustrated and stop one prayer short.

Don’t stop dreaming.


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