I love writing. I really do. But sometimes it’s a headache.

I’m trying something new. I bought a PDF copy of The Book Buddy from My Book Therapy. It’s a very detailed plotting tool. My hope is that by using the Book Buddy, I’ll be able to avoid the Pit of Despair in the middle of the book when I’m writing it. What I’m learning is that each book has time in the Pit of Despair; I’m just getting it out of the way. At least I hope I am.

It’s been an interesting process. In many ways I’m writing while I do the Book Buddy. Granted, there’s no dialogue or witty repartee, but I’m learning about the characters and their stories in advance which I hope will make for a richer, more cohesive story in the end. Days like today, though, well, it’s just overwhelming to have a 1″ binder full to pages to fill out. I keep having these epiphanies. I write them down on sticky notes or scraps of paper or the back of an envelope and stick it in the binder, and I know sooner or later I’m going to have to figure out how to put it all together. Let’s face it, my brain has a propriety operating system that doesn’t make sense to other people sometimes. Ergo, what makes sense to everyone else is Greek to me. I have yet to find a single writing tool that works for me. For this project, I’m up to three separate ones, all of them new*. There are a couple old ones in my arsenal that may see some daylight before it’s all said and done and I start my fast draft. Sooner or later I’ll perfect my hybrid. I wish it was sooner.

Yes, you’ve figured me out. I’m whining. Like you don’t whine about your job sometimes. 😉


*In case you’re interested, here are the links to the other two.

Camy Tang’s Characterization worksheet

Scapple (This is a beta, but i think they’re planning to go live at the end of the month. You can bet your boots I’m going to buy it when it comes out because it’s saved my sanity a few times already.)




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