Latest kitchen pics!

IMG_1372This was the status as of yesterday. Most of the cabinets are in, and so are the appliances. You can see a tiny piece of what isn’t done on the far right. Those are the cabinets that were supposed to be 36″ but we got 30″. We were going to send them back, but instead decided to keep them and put open shelves beside them. In theory, that’s where I’ll display tea pots. The counter top people come Monday to measure, and it will be about 3 weeks before those are ready to install. I don’t know why. Maybe they haven’t mined the quartz or something.






Here’s a close-up of the hardware.  I love it so much I bought an extra one to replace the ugly plastic pull on the pantry door.Obviously, a kitchen with no counters is barely functional, so after running some errands this morning, I got busy remedying that.





The counter from the old island fits pretty well on top of the new one, and I had some pieces of plywood in the garage left over from some project or other. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for the short term. If nothing else, I have prep areas and I was able to get some of the stuff off the table so it’s not so cluttered with stuff.





Here’s the other side, with the cabinets that haven’t been put in yet. They’ll put those in when the one we had to reorder gets here.

So this is it! The new temporary normal. I’m cooking dinner tonight.



3 comments on “Latest kitchen pics!

  1. Suzy Parish says:

    I love the color of the wood!

  2. Jean says:

    On the new stove, too. Nice.

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