Mood Lighting

We have woods at the back of our neighborhood. Last Thursday I took my camera for a walk and detoured into them for a little while. It was cloudy, trying to drizzle and about 55*. I went back out this afternoon because the weather is so lovely–sunny, cloudless sky, 75* in the shade. These have not been retouched, by the way, except for the second set, which were only cropped. The lighting is exactly as I took it.

Not bad. A little lonely.


But add a little sunshine, and look what happens.


These two might appear to be different, but they’re the same place. Above, there are two trees broken and leaning. Below, the front one had fallen. Not surprising, given how windy it’s been lately.













One comment on “Mood Lighting

  1. Jean says:

    That’s a good study in the effect lighting can have upon a scene.

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