Newport research trip, part 1

The beginning of the trip was uneventful. We drove from Illinois to central Pennsylvania the first day. Day 2 got a little more exciting when I realized we were going to drive through New York City. I thought we were going to hit the bottom of New York State, north of the city, and the thought of driving through the city made me more than a little nervous. Luckily, traffic was heavy and slow. Much better than heavy and fast.

Here’s the view coming in from New Jersey. I drove over the George Washington bridge, but I don’t have the picture to prove it.








We saw this in traffic. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a body under there, but I did think about Photoshopping some feet on the end.








Here’s Newport Harbor, the morning after our arrival. The weather was very cooperative, by the way. It only rained one day.







After walking around the harbor, we found the visitor’s center and took a trolley tour. That’s Aunt Shirley with me.







In the afternoon, we toured our first house, Chateau-Sur-Mer.







That’s where we saw our first Weeping Beech.  The branch span can grow to 85 feet. You could throw a party underneath it. In fact, some people did. I’ll tell you about them when we get to The Elms. That’s Mom and me under its branches.







Seriously, it’s a big tree.

Tomorrow, I’ll post photos from The Breakers and Marble House. And maybe The Elms.


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