My Book Therapy

I’ve talked here on and off about the retreat I took in February, about how it changed my writing process and continues to motivate me. It occurred to me tonight that I haven’t mentioned the organization that put the retreat on. My Book Therapy was created by Susan May Warren to coach writers to improve their craft. I first heard about it a few years ago atĀ  a writers’ conference. I didn’t think too much about it. Last year when I went to the Quad-Cities Christian Writers Conference in Iowa, Susan May was teaching an extended workshop. In fact, when I saw she was teaching, I called the conference director as soon as registration opened and signed up so I could get a spot in her class.

Since then, I’ve paid a lot more attention to MBT. They have so much information it’s overwhelming. There’s a whole team of people equipped and ready to help with every aspect of the craft, and a whole army of other writers to support and encourage each other. I’m in regular contact with several of the gals I met in Florida. We were together for five days. The first day we were strangers. The fifth day we were sisters.

I would encourage all of my writer friends to check out MBT (right now!!!!) to see if there might be something there of use to you.


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