Okay, yes, I’m a slacker

I blame change. And inconvenient updates that won’t let me save a blog post. Lots of stuff going on around here, in no particular order:

The Day Job ended. Not that any of us who worked there are crying any crocodile tears. We’re all pretty happy to be moving on to new things, and we’re all still on good terms. It just means we have to be more intentional about getting together.

Eric got a new job. He’s still on base but with a different company, doing networking security stuff as opposed to what amounted to project management.

I’m writing full time. Or at least, more regularly. I’m in the office at 9:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, so if you need to get a hold of me between 9 and 11-ish, don’t call me. I’m working. You can try e-mail, but I may have the internet shut off. I may or may not have my cell phone handy, but really, don’t call me unless my house is burning down. 9-11 is sacred writing time. That’s not to say I don’t write at other times. I do, and when I am I might answer the phone, but the other times are not regular, protect-the-work times.

Home improvement. We’re having a partial remodel of our master bath. The bathtub is going to be replaced with a walk-in shower. In preparation, I finally got around to painting, and we picked up some new hardware. It looks better now than it did, but it will look even better next week after the new shower is done.

It’s gardening season. Did I mention last fall that I was over gardening? It didn’t stick. In fact, I’m expanding the garden with pots this year. I’ve started tomatoes and peppers inside, and I think they might actually live this time. I’m hopeful, anyway.

Family visits and travel. My mom and aunt were in town over the weekend. They’ll be back in a month, and we’re going to Rhode Island so I can do some research for my Gilded Age novel. Eric and I also have a quick trip for stuff with his family in California coming up.

I’m actively decluttering. I keep finding things I don’t need. Eric took vacation between jobs, and we did three Good Will runs in a week. My house always looks better after a Good Will run. It’s inspiring me to dig into cupboards and closets, and it’s making me think twice before I buy things on impulse.

So that’s what’s been going on around here when I haven’t been blogging. Nothing earth shattering, but enough that it’s got me a little frazzled and overwhelmed. I’ll get settled in a week or two. Just in time to hit the road and disrupt my routine! Isn’t that how life works, though?


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