Oh! Hello, wall! I knew you were here somewhere!

I have been home one week. In the past seven days, I have gotten actual work done. Story work, plot work, house work. My bathroom is the cleanest it’s been in years. I can walk through my bedroom without circumnavigating anything but the bed. I have an actual, cohesive plot. It’s been awesome! I was just starting to think that a 5-day retreat is THE way to go. I hit a wall a couple days in and had to keep going, and I came home with momentum.

Sadly, it’s caught up with me. I spent most of yesterday reading. I knitted a little, too. Today I went to work at the Day Job, and puttered a little when I came home. I’m still basking in the glow of the retreat, but my concentration is muddy.

I’ll get back to it tomorrow. I have to be home because I have workers coming to install a new water softener, and they’re bringing a fancy new air cleaner that will hopefully alleviate my allergies. The plan is to sync Chapter 1 into the iPad so I can work downstairs. I might even get a start on the synopsis.

Someone at church tonight asked me what I am going to do when the Day Job ends next month. Without hesitation, I said, “Write!”

I’m not a Professional Dish Washer anymore. I’m a writer. My heart is at peace.


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