It started a few months ago. The dryer started beeping randomly. Not much at first, but it got to the point that we had to unplug it when it wasn’t in use because the beeping would drive us crazy. When the repairman came out, he made a quick diagnosis for which a part needed to be ordered. Since he’d finished so quickly, I asked if he had time to look at the water heater, which had been making scary rumbling sounds, sometimes loud enough to hear downstairs. That turned out to be an easy fix.

Next, the heater on the hot tub went out. I’m not sure when it went; it may have been before the dryer. It wasn’t a big deal because we hadn’t been using it. The weather and our schedules kept us away. With winter here and Alex home on break, it became more of an issue and a repairman was called.

I thought we had everything shipshape again until Eric started a brisket on New Year’s Day. When he turned on the oven, the gas came on, the igniter clicked, but it didn’t light. We played around with it for a few minutes (after opening a window so we wouldn’t get gassed), but we couldn’t find the pilot light. You’d think it would be obvious; the inside of the oven isn’t that big! The next step was to turn to the Oracle That Is Google. There, Eric learned that our 7-year-old stove is no longer manufactured, but that it should be a matter of replacing the igniter. Fortunately, Mom bought us a roaster oven a few years back that usually sits in the laundry room gathering dust. It saved New Year’s dinner and a couple dinners since. It does take up a fair amount of counter space, but when I’m not using it, I store it handily in the oven.

I hate to even say it, but that leaves the washer and the dishwasher. Hopefully they’ll wait until summer to get wonky so we can spread the repair costs out a little bit!


One comment on “Entropy

  1. Jean says:

    Appliances like to go out all at the same time it seems. Like a virus, I think. Good luck!

    From the owner’s manuals for the dishwasher we found in the kitchen drawer when we moved in here, it seems this house eats dishwashers. So far, it’s behaved for us.

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