I’ve been working half-heartedly on decluttering for quite a while. It has consisted mostly of putting things I don’t need into boxes to (eventually) go to Good Will. The trouble with doing it some at a time is that the Good Will boxes themselves become clutter. Add to that the large boxes I’d put aside for later Good Will runs, and you get what looks like the start of a hoarder binge.

Yesterday Alex carted off what I had so far to donate. The sum total was two boxes and a full duffel bag. I really wanted to have more ready to go, but that’s what was ready, so off it went. This morning, Eric took the big boxes from the dining room out to be recycled. I was busy making tea and dealing with hungry furries, so they were half gone before I realized it. The spot looked so open and clean (granted, the carpet was squished, but that’s an easy fix) that I didn’t stop him from taking the rest. It’s amazing the difference just getting those few things out made.

Tomorrow there will be a big push. Some of the Christmas decorations have come down already. Tomorrow, the tree and everything else will be packed back into my office closet to rest up for next year. I have some new baskets to find a function for. They would have gone into the donation box, too, but I’m a sucker for a pretty basket, and I can always find a use for them. Maybe we’ll have an actual clean start for the year.


One comment on “Lightening

  1. Jean says:

    I try to do my big push for gathering the donations right before I make a trip to SA, because I have to drive right by a manned Goodwill Donation Station to get to the house. That makes the drop off part pretty easy.

    But, still, the gathering becomes a point of clutter in itself. There’s a constant mess of stuff that has to go back and forth, and that is annoying sometimes. I’m reaching the point where I’m lookingforwardto getting the house in SA finished andonthe market, but I know it will be several years yet.

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