Christmas music?

We have a radio station here that plays Christmas music around the clock during the holidays, so we listen to it sometimes in the car. I’m wondering, is it the only station that plays The Charlie Brown Theme and “My Favorite Things” (from the Sound of Music)? They’re not really Christmas songs, so why are they only played at Christmas? And if they’re going to play “My Favorite Things,” why can’t they play the Julie Andrews version? They play Barbra Streisand’s, and she sings it like a dirge. I’m sure she meant it to get dramatic and serious, but she’s supposed to be singing about her favorite things! Why would you be serious about that? I’m happy and enthusiastic when I talk about my favorite things. Maybe she chilled her brain in the air conditioning and can’t get enthusiastic about anything anymore.

Anyway, that’s been bugging me for a while. Hopefully it’s out of my system and I can move on to other things that bug me.


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