November wrap-up

What a busy month. We had a long weekend in Michigan and Boys for Thanksgiving (actually, turkey for Thanksgiving, and the Boys shared it with us), all with a healthy dose of NaNo.

This is the first year I’ve joined in the madness and didn’t win. Total word count for the month was 36,645. I could be disappointed and upset, but I can’t even work up alligator tears. All things considered, 36,000 words is pretty darn good considering I only wrote 19 of the 30 days. It’s 36,000 more words than I had one month ago, and I’m in decent shape to finish by Christmas. Not great. Not stellar. I woke up the other morning, and for some reason, realized that there isn’t nearly enough conflict built in. Writers always talk about making their characters’ lives miserable, and that’s hard for me. I need to get out of the house with my notebook and create a little mayhem because, quite frankly, everyone is dancing around on the stage with flowers in their hair, and that gets really boring, really fast. No wonder I always get stuck in the middle! I can’t stay awake!

I did resist the temptation to skip the middle and move on. If I had I might have hit my 50k, but the story wouldn’t have gotten finished. There are only half a dozen unfinished stories on my hard drive that fell prey to THAT tactic. This year was more about figuring out what my Achilles heel is than collecting yet another electronic ‘Yeah Me’ certificate. This story might actually get finished, and that’s the first step to seeing it in print.


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