Miss me?

Eric and I made a quick run to Michigan over the long weekend. Mom and I went over some genealogy on one side of the family and she only sent a small stack of papers home with me. Way to go, Mom! On Dad’s side, we firmed up plans for our annual run-away-to-Florida in January. The rendezvous will be a little different this year. Since Dad is only two months post-op on his back surgery, we’re not camping this year. They’re renting a trailer for a couple of months, and we’ll day trip to the rendezvous. Eric will be with us for a couple of days, which will be AMAZING, and since we don’t have to break camp when the rendezvous is over, I can stay an extra day. I’ll get to fly whenever I want! No getting to the airport at 5 a.m. so I can get to camp before the gates close!

We have company coming this weekend, and there are ever-present words to be written. I’m not really behind the power curve. It just feels that way. Actually, I’m in pretty good shape. Vicky did a fair amount of cleaning while we were gone, and I left with word count a little ahead of the game. I had built in my weekend away, so I’m not behind. In fact, if I can swing 9,800 words in the next three days, I can take my birthday off. I could happen, but honestly I’m not counting on it. There are a lot of other things I need to do. I know the Boys who are coming could care less what my house looks like. They want a bed to sleep in, food, and our company, and I think maybe the bed is optional. I’ve never gotten any complaints about an air mattress on the floor. We’re only having two for Thanksgiving, though, so I have enough beds. They’ll have to be made. Need to put that on my list.

So that’s where we are, in good shape but a little freaked out by what’s ahead. I know I’m not over-caffeinated; I’ve only had one cup of tea. It was a big cup, but one all the same.

Off to make my list and get it together. At least I’ve managed to clear out e-mail.


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