Just Passing Through

It’s been a crazy few days. My visit with Mom was very restful and helped me gather my strength for Dad’s surgery. I especially enjoyed meeting her new pastor, and the praise band was really good. Watermelon for supper was a fun way to top it all off.

Dad’s surgery went very well. His vertebra are back in alignment and are screwed, plated, and glued in place. They’re not going anywhere! He’s got a long recovery ahead, and was in quite a bit of pain yesterday when I saw him, but he’s in good hands. They know to call me if they need extra hands.

I got back last night, and leave again in a few hours for the conference in St. Louis. My Bubby Cat was so happy to see me last night, and he’s going to be very confused when I disappear again for a few days. Poor baby. He’ll be fine. Vicky will be here, in between school and the boyfriend.

Behave and I’ll be back next week with a conference report.

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