Amazing weekend

We’ve had our first taste of the empty nest. Vicky went camping with her friends, leaving Eric and I to fend for ourselves. Such a hardship! We slept in every morning, and while I drank my tea, Eric made brunch. We didn’t do anything special with our days, just hung around and relaxed. We did go see “The Debt” on Saturday, which was a good movie and worth the time for anyone who likes espionage and suspense. Heck, Helen Mirren was reason enough for me to go see it! We also checked out a frozen yogurt place near the theater. We ate dinner at home every night. Eric cooked Saturday and Sunday, and today we cooked together. Today’s excitement was cleaning the garage.

The relaxing weekend was just what I needed, considering the pace picks up this week. I have some evening stuff (and a couple of day things) away from home, and I’ll be gearing up to travel. I leave a week from Saturday to head to Michigan for Dad’s surgery, and when I get back, it will be time for the conference. I’ve got the first draft of my one-page done. It’s printed and sitting on my desk for a few days before I decide if that’s the final or not. (I just glanced at it and saw a typo, so apparently it’s not the final draft!) I’m a whole lot closer to ready for the conference that I was when I got up this morning. The book itself is still a mess, but I’ll work on that tomorrow. Honestly, I’m not anticipating a request for the full manuscript this time around. I’m looking at my agent appointments more as practice and consultation.

Anyway, as far as the empty nest (which will revert to half-full tonight!), I don’t think it’s going to be a big trauma. If anything, it’s strengthened my resolve to let go of stuff in preparation for downsizing. Our current home is too big for two of us, and it’s going to take me a while to get rid of enough stuff to be able to downsize. At this point, the question I’m asking myself is, “Do I really want to pack this or pay to have it moved?” Or that will be the question I’m asking myself. Next month. After the conference.

Anyone sick of hearing about the daggone conference yet?  😉


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