We found out yesterday that the company Eric works for will be losing the contract he’s been working on. This is not unusual in the world of government contracting. It actually happens all the time. It’s a little hard, though, when it’s your income affected.

Now, before any panics (not naming any names), we’re in a lot better shape than the last time we went through this, despite the fact that both kids are in college. We have an actual emergency fund, and Eric’s retirement would keep us afloat if it had to, but it probably will not be an issue. He could very well be hired by the next company and continue his job more or less uninterrupted. There are also other jobs in the area with his current employer. He’s got two more certifications and a degree this time, plus a lot more contacts within the computer networking megaverse. It’s far from a dire situation, especially at this point.

So why, when I was falling asleep last night, did I think about a fancy dress in my closet that I could sell? Yes, I fell asleep thinking about selling my clothes to raise cash. My wardrobe is worth so much, you see.

It’s hard to trust God when things get scary, especially for those of us who inherited the Chicken Little gene. I come from a long line of stubborn people who tend to freak out. I’ve worked really hard to conquer that tendency, and I can now recognize when it’s about to kick in, which is a huge help. Still, there is a piece of my subconscious that’s freaking out even as I type this. If there wasn’t, I wouldn’t have thought about buying a bushel of corn to can earlier today. I wouldn’t be thinking about the years we spent in Texas on a round budget and trying to remember what I cooked for dinner every night.

Through it all, I can sense God’s amusement in all of this. He knows how I am. He’s the one who’s been beating me with a clue-by-four to get me to quit worrying. Nothing like a lot of stress to desensitize one to stress!

For all you other Chicken Littles and Mother Hens out there, I’m really not (consciously) worried. A lot of people are in a lot worse situations. Eric has a great resume and skills that are in demand, so I expect he’ll have job offers to choose from before the contract ends. If he doesn’t, well, God will take care of it.

3 comments on “Trust

  1. There’s always apprehension when facing something so potentially earth-shattering! But you’re right–God is still in control.

  2. tambo says:

    {{hugggs huggs huggs huggs}}}

    You’re absolutely right. I, too, keep telling myself that it’s all going to be just fine, God provides.

    He does. He will. The journey may be tense, but all will be well.

  3. Well, sounds like you have a handle on things or know who has the handle on things. Still, sorry to hear the news. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, you know. 🙂

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