One last Joplin Post

I mentioned in the last Joplin post that some of us worked in the sorting tents. The rest of the team was assigned to work on a lady’s house. She had less damage than some people, mainly to her roof. After she got the roof fixed, she hired a contractor to re-do her kitchen and bathroom, which had been water damanged. The contractor took her money and skipped town.

We put up some new siding for her. This is the before picture. The siding on the right side was installed by a previous team.

Here’s the during picture. I only worked out there one day, so I didn’t get an after picture, but they finished all but the very top of the wall.

The kitchen ceiling wasn’t strong enough to support drywall, so the guys installed a drop ceiling for her. This is the first tile going in.

I somehow managed not to get pictures of the other outside wall (to the right of the one in the picture), from which we stripped old asbestos shingles to get the wall ready for siding. I also didn’t get pictures of her bathroom, which they completely drywalled and installed lighting fixtures. Her bathroom is ready for paint and decorating, so soon she’ll have at least one room in her house finished.

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