Ode To The One I Love

Once upon a time, in a military dormitory far, far away, I was eating chow hall food while watching the news. This guy with the broadest shoulders I’d ever seen walked in and said, “You actually eat that stuff?”

That was the start of the most complicated, most rewarding relationship of my life. Even after more than twenty five years, he still surprises me. We have been through a lot of interesting times together. We’ve had better and worse, richer and poorer. Luckily, so far, we haven’t had to deal with too much drama in the sickness and health department, not since we figured out his migraine triggers. We made two wonderful kids together, and they are getting ready to leave the nest.

We have plans for the future, but nothing set in stone. We want to build a house, travel, become old and cantankerous together.

Today is his birthday. Yes, it’s two days after Alex’s. He had plenty of birthdays when he sacrificed his presents so Alex could have a better birthday. He made due with dinner out. He works hard for us, manages our finances, he even cooks! He’s all I could have wished for and more.

Happy birthday, Eric, and many more.


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