Joplin Family Worship Center

We worked at Joplin Family Worship Center. It’s one of three churches in the area committed to three years of tornado relief, and I suspect they’ll go longer if they need to. Many of the other churches have decided to try to get back to normal and have stopped relief efforts. The pastor at JFWC says that this is the new normal and they’ll keep working until there is no longer a need. I’ve already talked about how they give clothing and linens to those who need them, and that they do Meals on Wheels. In addition to those, they have a work board with construction needs of individuals and families. If a group of volunteers comes in who meet the skill set, they’re assigned to that project. They also feed hundreds of people a day, and not just people who lost their homes but volunteers also. Every bit of the food is donated, and at the moment, their sanctuary is their warehouse. They will be putting up a building soon to be the new warehouse, but for now, they just worship around the tables. New normal indeed!


This is a mobile medical unit. It was delivered and set up last Friday, and they’ll be doing a free medical clinic on Fridays and Saturdays.








A view of the clothing and linen sorting tents where some of us worked part of the time.











This is their front lobby, where people come to get help, and where volunteers come to take a break from the heat.









The sanctuary/warehouse



















Toys collected for the kiddies.






Those of you who pray, please add JFWC to your prayer list, and pass the word on. They’re amazing people, and they’re doing incredible things. In fact, the Red Cross got on their case about giving so much away and accused them of hurting the local economy. That mentality, the ‘we and FEMA are the only legitimate means of help’ attitude is the reason I don’t give money to them. In reality, JFWC is helping the economy because all the volunteers (nearly 5,000 so far, from 32 states) stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and buy things to donate or use during their stay.

If you want to donate to JFWC, they have a link on their website.


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