A Few Thousand Words

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, and since I can’t seem to keep a coherent thought in my head today, here are some photos I took when we toured the affected areas of Joplin.



This is a bank vault. The bank is gone, but the vault is still there. The moral of the story is if you’re running errands and tornado sirens go off, go to a bank and ask to see the safety deposit boxes.  😉









St. John’s Mercy Regional Medical center, completely devastated and ten feet off its foundation, but still standing for now. It will be leveled and rebuilt on a different site.










Mobile hospital with apartments in the background. Medical personnel did triage and treated the people they could in this parking lot right after the storm. They had very little equipment or supplies, but they got right back to work as soon as the tornado was out of the area. I admire them so much.






The remnants of somebody’s life on the curb. There are a keyboard and computer monitor to the right.










This is a pretty common scene through the area.









Another common scene. Note the car to the right of the telephone pole. I think that one used to be a Dodge Neon.








Hope. The tree was too damaged to salvage, but it’s only mostly dead.










All the photos are clickable. Be advised that I shot them with my iPhone through the window of our church van. (Not the same van that ran out of gas the day before.)


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