God’s sense of humor

Last night I went to Fiber Friday at my favorite yarn shop. As usual, between finding odd bits to finish projects and starting new ones, time got away from me. Suddenly it was dark and I was yawning. Before pulling out of the parking lot, I adjusted the volume of the Christian music radio station I was listening to. I don’t remember what was playing when the first traffic light turned red. I groaned and reminded God that I was tired and ready to be home, and the very next thing that came out of the radio was, “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.” What could I do but laugh and say, “Okay, Lord! I’m waiting!” He did give me a couple of green lights, but there were more red than green.

I also had to laugh when I pulled onto the freeway behind a car with a “Be An Organ Donor” license plate. The driver apparently was trying to do that because he was driving 50 mph, and semis were passing him. I realize that the minimum speed on the freeway is 45, but most people drive at least 70 in a 65 around here. Silly person.

As a complete aside, I’ve had it with gnats and the summer isn’t half over yet. Am I the only one?


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