Be vigilant

Some of my readers already know that Holly Lisle’s Facebook account was hacked this morning. She had no idea until her daughter called her. The hacker changed her profile picture and posted explicit things on her wall, and Facebook’s answer is to block her account because there was nastiness on her page. You can read more details at her blog.

If you are on Facebook, I strongly urge you to change your password to something that will at least make a hacker work. When we think of physical security, we think of door and window locks, security lights, maybe a big dog and/or a weapon. Those things won’t stop someone intent on harming you, but they will slow them down. Most of the time, it slows them down enough that they move on to another target. It’s the same principal with passwords. Change them, and change them often. It’s hard to remember what they are, but there are tricks. If you have not seen the You Tube video on creating a strong password, have a look. It’s a hair under 4 minutes, and if you do what he says, hopefully you’ll never know how much that time was worth.

I’m off to change more passwords now.

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2 comments on “Be vigilant

  1. Annette says:

    if you post this on fb (maybe you did and I missed it) I will share with others! šŸ™‚

  2. wendyblanton says:

    It should actually have posted twice, Annette. New posts go directly to FB, and I posted the video on my wall for anyone who doesn’t read the blog.

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